Translating anything from one medium to another is tough enough, and poetry is well-nigh impossible. But although Anno's internal rhythm defies translation, his themes are universal. If anyone out there would like to try translating Anno's words - or anything else on the KjD/Anno websites - into other languages, their efforts will be much appreciated. Feel free to email the results to and we will upload them, together with any introduction that you might care to add.


DUTCH      Elte's translations of Black Water and 'Time, alone, spent thinking' added May 12th 2006

FRENCH   (Martin Leon's recording of Close to the River added May 23rd, 2004)
 (Julio's translation of Ultraviolence and Billy's song Strong and Low added November 8th, 2004)

GERMAN    KjD biographies added April 6th, 2004, poems translated by Andy added April 9th, 2004.   Translations by Gabriel & Karin added 14 May 2006. Translations by Thomas Eichhorn added 21 October 2007.

JAPANESE   Translations added April 12th, 2004; updated 22 October 2007

RUSSIAN    Translations by Constantine Kai added 21 November 2004; six more added 15 December 2004.

SWAHILI Translations by Kades added 20 September 2009