VIDEOS ... a small selection from 100+ hours

NOTE: There are many more videos of Anno and KjD on than we have space for here.

Anno in his bouncer
Anno abusing Pippa
Anno in Flanders
Anno & Goliath in Italy
Anno & Lou attacked by Ned
Anno on train
Anno jamming
Anno dreaming
Anno in Kuwait Airport
Anno blessed by a sacred elephant
Anno in India
Anno filming elephants
Anno writing
Anno & Billy
KjD rehearsing in Italy
Anno killing flies Anno jamming Anno: "There's no way out..."  


1. Flight of Dragons is a little video I made for Anno's 4th birthday party, being a quick edit of a few moments in his life up to that point, set to his favourite theme music.

2. A rather long (15 min) and inconsequential "interview" I did with Anno, aged nearly 5, in the middle of a pine forest in the Languedoc region of France...

3. I was an absolute sucker when it came to buying Anno toys - to the point that Bee thought I might be in danger of spoiling him. So to circumvent this very reasonable objection, I invented a mysterious friend called Fred who would often leave Anno presents unannounced, usually in his granary in Wales. But then even Fred began overdoing things.... hence the arrival of Fred's brother.





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