It is a great sadness that - thus far - we have found no recordings of Anno reading his own poetry. But had such recordings existed, perhaps we should have been too intimidated to record them oursleves - and that too would have been a pity, since the experience of reading them aloud is extraordinarily exhilirating.

Here then are a handful of readings by Anno's family and friends, with more to follow as and when ...


The Stars Are Out in Hordes Tonight (page 2) read by Alice Coulthard

Steal Me (page 6) read by Bee

Now In Late Summer (page 15) read by Alice Coulthard

I Sat By Myself (page 33) read by Honeysuckle Weeks

The Sight of Your Sorrow (page 47) read by David Birkin

There's This Man (page 51) read by Ian Holm

Lover (page 54) read by Hayley Mills

The Lights Went Out (page 57) read by Andrew

There's Hope Despite Time (page 63) read by Ian Holm




Anno reading Peter Rabbit, aged 9