Welcome to Anno's website. was originally set up by Anno in August 2001 as a forum for KjD's music, and remains much as Anno left it. When the crash came in November 2001, the REMEMBER PAGE was added to the KjD site for all those in mourning for Anno, Alberto and Lee. was created in 2002 to house the disproportionately vast amount of material that Anno left behind having little to do with KjD.

The REVIEW PAGE was set up by Anno on the KjD site as a feedback for KjD's music, and is thus open to both praise and "worthy opposition".

Who Said the Race is Over? contains 55 poems selected from over 700 that Anno left behind. Starting in 2003, we have been adding a weekly fix = posting a new poem every Sunday, sometimes more frequently. They are added in approximate chronological order, and thus amount to Anno's poetical autobiography (how pretentious is that, one hears him cry!) which will slowly unfold over the next few years.

Thanks for taking the time to visit, and please feel very free to add comments wherever you like, either on the FORUM, or in the Comment boxes attached to individual poems, songs and photos. There's no need to register or give your name - you can remain as anonymous as you wish!

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