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2001-07-01* Z429 {Chauvinist Waltz}

Look at the man what you've made me,
sorry and wise like iron and glass.
If I asked for a reason you'd smile.
If I asked for an answer you'd lie.
What's driven to pain and disgust, all your efforts?
Your love is an animal's den,
lined with the bones of your dead.

Our names are forgotten,
our heads are all rotten,
our eyes are like cotton or silk.
Our brains are like curdling milk.
My carcass is mangled and
tangled about round your feet.
A bramble that's dug in too deep.

There's hundreds of millions of
tales and opinions to tell. But
I can't be bothered to yell anymore.
I'd smile but the wound is too sore.

The world now's the same as before.
Everyone's witty and droll and
absolved with self pity, and
bored with this cold, shitty town.
Warmed only by a love that I became too afraid to
offend, so I ended up
Killing with kindness instead.