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1999-06-02* Z420 {Black Water}

Opened up, descending my love,
down towards black water beaches,
where oceans wait to take us in their deep,
where currents wait to swallow and release us,
where eddies wait to still us to our sleep.

Open wound ... gets infected and inflamed,
and every day I ever wanted water,
I never failed to find it in your mouth.

You walk my dreams! My lady has no faults,
she kills, she kisses, halts and laughs, and
with that lazy smile
she glides
past the mirror
through their dreary eyes,
and I'm heavy with her light.

Once entrusted now rusted from my tears,
I'm sorry if your vein now aches with regret ...

Because I could love this mess you make of me,
and quickly scramble to my feet and lead
my army to defeat in hopeless battle ...

And I'll be on my mettle in the foreground,
bold – atop a metal horse in flames.