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1998-12-05` Z409 {Animal}

I can't help wishing I could touch you with my mind,
I can't help wishing I were close.
I can't help wishing I was walking to your winding arms,
I can't help talking to your ghost ... in some

hope that you'll hear me on your side of heaven,
seven years and
One day from the hour you let me in your shadow,
agitated words ...

you wrote, and left floating –
they're the words I want on my tomb.
Tell me you don't write, 'cause you're tight with words.
These days I'm getting crazy, kinda lazy at the game,
kinda crazy in your name, kinda hazy-eyed,
Cause I'm tired and I'm wired on your mind.

You taste like light and confusion and desire
and delight in hours of delusion, your unpredictable
ways, I'm fired from this world you don't reign over,
tired and tame, and I'm chained up to your promises,
and your implications.

You're my only alibi.

Just know I tried for your kingdom,
but my wings have turned to weights,
my stars into space,
and the days spent in your exile leave me wild and animal.