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1999-06-02 TIM 17:45 {Close}

Waters still and rise to meet their banks,
and trees bent double flank the road to heaven.
I stutter and I tremble in my brain as she approaches me.

Rise to meet fermentive eyes,
they flicker and they fade into my memory.

I never really knew just what I had,
and now it's darkened, I'm foreign to your chemistry.

Pull me close and closer to my God,
through the mud, the faithful air I know.
It's warm here within the pain,
deep in heavens dregs.
Red tears – don't fear!
They cannot burn you if it's raining!
Mine are the drops that fall
from summer skies.

Everything consumed by her,
my tomb was laid by her,
my room was made for her,
my mind displayed for her.
The dream got caught in space and time,
and tore right down the tangible.

You darkle in the doorway,
and emerge into the foyer of my ecstasy.

It's something in the way she smiles,
and sighs, and moves her feet when she's uncomfortable,

Rise above fermentive days,
that flicker once then fade into the galaxy.