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1998-10-00 J36

Tomorrow saps my strength before she dawns,
as you're not there – you're not born of her reflection –
and the cynic in my stomach knows you never will be.
Should I die here, in this ecstasy of dreams?
Frozen blue/green diamonds in my thoughts,
make me a promise that you will not fade,
and promise me you won't forget my name,
and what I have within my chest for you.
Promise me a second of your thoughts,
one distant day, when I am cold and clammy,
bruised and bloody, lost beneath the waves.
Promise me the joy of crying in your name.
Promise me you'll hold me when I fade into
that night that never wakes.
Be there when my last tomorrow breaks,
and when she sets, and in your arms, in dreams,
regret can play no part. O Lord!
Promise me the stars will not forget what
they have seen ...
And promise me you won't forget
that dusty rose that grew from
clumsy roots around your heart.