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A certain flower grows 30

A broken skull is not a broken brain, Monsieur! 52

Anodyne 7

At the crags, at the tooth 25

Black Water 13

Chauvinist Waltz 50

Close 11

Close to the River 42

Collapse of the Wave Function 19

Come, will you join me in my precision? 1

Curves of Morality 23

Damn this lucky life, this paper knife 8

Dreams of Waking 34

Fortress 53

He stood like a stone with a storm like a scarf 22

He lay drowning, drifting slowly into discord 28

He comes like morning when he does come 31

Here among the broken bits and pieces of our love 56

Hold on to who you know 14

How I long to live in you 45

I find in your name words of prayer 12

I saw from this place at the foot of my grave 18

I burned my doubt, collapsed the wave 19

I sat by myself past the bridge by the great white balloon 33

I want to know permanent things 44

I write now to my other side 61

I'm peeling off my pretence 34

I've seen your face in glass 23

In the ocean. In the motion of our love 36

Isis 41

It's so quiet I can hear my cigarette going out 62

Landslide 49

Like Light 22

Look at the man what you've made me 50

Lover, I long for your laughter 54

My whole life hangs tonight like water 20

My imminent casket is cold 29

Nero's New Bathroom 37

Nine Years 14

Now in late summer she comes to me 15

Opened up, descending my love 13

Recovering sunlight, stealing back light from its forger 49

Sacrifice & Bliss 16

She drew me my dreams 10

Silver air like ice has left my heart cold 21

Steal me 6

Such a wicked, sticky brain 46

Tearing down the air again 7

Terror of Mistakes 24

Terrorist Attack 59

The stars are out hoardes tonight 2

The veneer has been varnished 16

The world is ending now, the seal is broken 35

The Eagle has landed 37

The tower walls at midnight burn 42

The sight of your sorrow awakes me 47

The lights went out. I touched her. 57

There's blood losing heat 27

There's this man and he walks like a broken old bird 51

There's nothing at all any more 59

There's hope despite time and its mindless pillage 63

They killed the lion of Panjir 58

Time collects its dues from each of us 53

Time, alone, spent thinking 5

Tomorrow saps my strength before she dawns 4

Touched 18

Trying to Find Air 12

Warship 8

Waters still and rise to meet their banks 11

We are broken and in need of adoration 24

We lean across our palace walls 60

What is the great elusive truth? 55

Where now are divine and ever effervescent lights 43

You know you have to keep on moving man 41

Zie Punk Volk 27